Saint Athanasius of Alexandria

Athanasius (c. 297–373), Bishop of Alexandria and one of the most illustrious defenders of the Christian faith, was born at Alexandria around 297 AD. He is known as a church father, a noted Egyptian leader, a master theologian, and a staunch defender of Trinitarianism against the arguments of Arianism, which he began as a bishop’s assistant at the First Council of Nicaea. He also struggled against several Roman emperors, which caused seventeen of his forty-five years as bishop to be spent in exile. His writings were cherished by church fathers, both in the West and the East. He is known for his devotion to the Word-become-man, his great pastoral concern, and a profound interest in monasticism. He is venerated by the Roman Catholic Church, Oriental and Eastern Orthodox churches, the Lutheran Church, and the Anglican Communion.

Books by Saint Athanasius of Alexandria

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