Resting Your Heart in Him

Confessions to a Loving God

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Resting Your Heart in Him: Confessions to a Loving God highlights insights and wisdom drawn from The Confessions of Saint Augustine, the spiritual autobiography that has inspired Christians for centuries, as well as excerpts from Augustine’s other works. Threaded throughout these quotations are tranquil illustrations of foliage and other scenes from nature. Enjoy this book for spiritual encouragement and growth, as a guide in your daily prayers and devotional time, and as an introduction to the writings of one of the greatest leaders in Christian history.

Augustine’s meditations about his life in the light of Scripture include not only an admission of his sins but also an acknowledgment of God’s greatness, grace, and truth. We can rest our hearts in God because we know that whatever we are confessing to Him—whether our worries, our sins, our praises, or our trust—we are coming before a loving God. He forgives us completely and welcomes us into His presence. He exchanges our sins for His own righteousness and guides us in His ways.

With Augustine, confess your struggles and doubts before God. Declare your love for Him and your faith in Him. As you do, you will grow closer to the One in whom your heart finds ultimate peace and rest.

“You made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” —Saint Augustine

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Resting Your Heart in Him

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