The Confessions of Saint Augustine

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The Confessions of St. Augustine has a special place among the world’s greatest books. As Augustine reflects upon his life in the light of Scripture and the presence of God, he reveals how you can find the way to rest securely in Jesus, discern good from evil, avoid false spiritual pursuits, and know the will of God. He begins with his infancy, pondering the many sins of his life before his conversion, and he confesses not only his sins but even more the greatness of God. Here is the timeless conflict between good and evil, portrayed through the life of one man who found spiritual growth and unshakable faith. Just as Augustine did, you can experience the unspeakable joy of being pure and righteous before God, regardless of your past.

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The Confessions of Saint Augustine

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Aurelius Augustinus (354–430), better known as Saint Augustine, was born to poor parents in a small town in North Africa. Despite his mother’s pious influence, Augustine embarked on several years of wild living at the University of Carthage and adopted the Manichean faith, a sect whose followers professed to have received from their founder a higher truth than that from Jesus Christ. After years of seeking and eventual disillusionment, Augustine acknowledged Jesus as Lord during... Show More


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