The Rapture of the Saints

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If you knew that within the next twenty-four hours Christ would return, according to His promise, what would you change?
Legendary Bible teacher Herbert Lockyer examines what Scripture has to say about the second coming of the Lord, emphasizing the signs of the coming, the hope of the church, the attitude of the believer, and the features of constant readiness.
In an era when the second coming has been sensationalized, reduced to ridicule, used as an excuse for domination, or forgotten altogether, Lockyer’s calm and clear exposition of pertinent passages, including 1 Thessalonians 5, is a refreshing reflection on Christ’s certain appearing. 
Dr. Herbert Lockyer (1886–1984) considered becoming an actor when he was first deciding on a career. Tall and well-spoken, he seemed a natural for the theater. But the Lord had something better in mind. Instead of the stage, God called Herbert to the pulpit, where, as a pastor, a Bible teacher, and the author of more than fifty books, he touched the hearts and lives of millions of people. Dr. Lockyer held pastorates in Scotland... Show More


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