How to Make Prayer More Effective

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Without a doubt, prayer is the greatest art in the world, a holy art that needs only to be learned and practiced.
The greatest difference between effective and anemic Christianity is prayer. The most fruitful soul winners are those who make much of prayer. The greatest preachers of the gospel and missionaries of the cross are those who pray long and often. Everyday believers who walk in the power and miracles of God are people who see prayer not as a series of isolated acts but as an attitude of life.
To succeed at prayer is to realize that heaven is not far from earth. It is the ability to bend the arm of God.
Join with best-selling author Dr. Herbert Lockyer as he sets out to study the nature of prayer and to better understand the simplicity and effectiveness of heartfelt communication with God.

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How to Make Prayer More Effective

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Dr. Herbert Lockyer (1886–1984) considered becoming an actor when he was first deciding on a career. Tall and well-spoken, he seemed a natural for the theater. But the Lord had something better in mind. Instead of the stage, God called Herbert to the pulpit, where, as a pastor, a Bible teacher, and the author of more than fifty books, he touched the hearts and lives of millions of people. Dr. Lockyer held pastorates in Scotland... Show More


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